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European Volunteer David tells us about his involvement in Citywise

My name is David and for 4 months I have been in Dublin as part of European Voluntary Service.

First of all, I must say that since I’ve been at Citywise Education, I try to enjoy everything. This is my main goal daily, and has been very useful to overcome the disadvantages of staying in a country other than the one I was born in. Helping an organisation like Citywise, is always a challenge, but an enjoyable one at that.

Life in Citywise is full of small details, but at the same time, very enriching. My role is currently to help in the STEM program, which consists in preparing young people for careers in engineering, mathematics and information on technology. In Citywise, there are many generous teenagers who are willing to lend a helping hand. For instance, I have seen with my own eyes how a lad helped another student in his first day of class, as if he were the very teacher. There are many examples of big hearts between each other; seeing that is really edifying.

Having worked for 3 years in different social programs in Spain – I see that the methodology used in Citywise actually works, achieving fantastic results. Additionally, having felt the social reality of Jobstown, I think Citywise is a golden opportunity for children and teenagers living in this area of Dublin; to be encouraged to study in order to go to university, to have professional ambitions, to broaden horizons, etc.

At Citywise I find children with an intense potential. However their lack of self-esteem and lack of a social current often prevents them from achieving their ambitions. Day-to-day life in that area can be a deterrent to College, and that’s a pity, especially when it comes to young talent.

Two weeks ago we participated in the league of “First Lego League”. It has been a wonderful experience for me. This competition is a very interesting way for Tallaght boys and girls to get excited about robotics and programming. Two teams participated from Citywise, one of which archived in a commendable 5th place. I loved the preparation for the championship and also the pleasant atmosphere formed by the parents of the guys and the Citywise staff. This activity was a really effective means of improving the aspirations of all children involved in it.

Robotic Lego

Likewise, I participate in another program called Khan Academy, where through different mathematical and logical games, we show them that mathematics can be entertaining as well as being very useful for professional life.

In short, I realise that I am in an excellent place, learning day by day a form of social work which is very professional. In addition, I also learn a lot about children, about their way of thinking, seeing the future, and relating to others. At the same time, I try to do my bit in the promotion of each of them, in order to improve their professional, human and social skills. As I am in a developing process myself it is my ambition that in future I will be of greater assistance for all the boys and girls that are bringing about such a wonderful change in Tallaght.

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