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My Citywise Trip to Laurel Lodge, by Jessica Norton

On November 1st 2016, me and some of my closest friends that I made in Citywise went on an exciting trip to Laurel Lodge. It was one of the best and funniest trips ever. We arrived at Laurel Lodge at about 11:30am and this was where the fun started. When we got there we dropped our shoes there and left to begin the adventure. We got dropped off at the bottom of a mountain and began to climb it. Some of us were already tired and it was only the 1st mountain!!! We climbed and climbed. We then were nearly at the top of the mountain when we reached a part that was really mucky, and it was hilarious when my friends walked through it and came out in their socks!!! Their shoes had gotten stuck in the mud. Then to get them back they had to walk back through it in their socks.
When we finally reached the top it was beginning to get dark, so Doyler kept on telling us if we didn’t get down the mountain before dark we will have to climb another mountain. But that was never going to happen.
We eventually got down and hiked back to Laurel Lodge. When we got back we were all fighting over who got the showers. For dinner we made fajitas, they were yummy. We also played some really fun games like charades, Pictionary and Harry Potter trivia. After that we all went to bed.
We got up at 7:00am to make the delicious breakfast and soon after that we packed up, got on the bus and went home.
This was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on and I would hands down go again sometime.

Check out my video comic strip here -> Jessica’s Video.MP4

Written by Jessica Norton

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