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My day at the Lego Robotics Finals, by Rohan Kuzhippillil


It was the 21st of January. The day we went to Galway city for the ‘First Lego League’ for the first time in my life! Our only transport was the bus (obviously!). At 6:30am we got our stuff that we needed and headed for the bus, it was exciting though because  we were sitting with our friends.  We left Citywise at 6:45am. We had a 2 hour drive ahead of us! We talked, played games and ate lots of sweets as well, thanks to Ben! My team was called the ‘Stubborn ones’! We named it like that because our chosen animal was a donkey. We wanted to our name be related to our chosen animal so that’s why. When we got to Galway city, we went to the Radisson Blu Hotel. The driver dropped us at the hotel and we brought our stuff inside, to the hall where the competition was being held.
The hall looked bigger in the picture than I thought it would be! Me and Kane were at the board controlling the robot, while Gabriel, Ben and Adam were in charge of the project. Our first round went well we got 67 points and on the second round we got 59 points. The leader boards were shown and we were in the top 5. It was unexpected because it was our first time we were in this competition! You had to be in the Top 8 to go to the 3rd round, we were in! I could not believe it!

We did very well in the 3 round that when the leader board we were fifth! You had to be in the top 8 to advance to the quarter-finals.

But trouble came when it was our turn. Our arm was not working on the Robot, but we got 50 points.There was a lunch but Alannah’s Dad and Allums Mom bought Supermac’s for us and the other team. After lunch they showed us the leader board you had to be in the top 4 to quarter-finals, we got 5th! We were so close to being 4th because the other team had 54 points! But we were 5 in Ireland and it was our first time!

Liam’s team got a award for ‘Best research’ and we are proud of his team. When going back to Dublin, Chris surprised us by bringing us to burger king!

He bought us all meals. There was a playground and when we were finished we went outside and we played some chasing, it was very fun!

When we got back to Citywise, I got collected by my Dad and we went home.

I would like to thank these people for there efforts in helping our team get 5th place!

The bus driver for helping us get there, Alannah’s Dad Callum’s Mom for getting us food, Adam’s Mom, Kane’s Dad, Ben’s Mom, Gabriel’s Mom and my Dad for influencing us, David for helping us with the code, Abdul for helping us to know what to do, my team and most of all Chris, for helping us with everything.

That is the end. Thanks for reading!  pastedGraphic.png

Written by Rohan Kuzhippillil

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