The Citywise Draw Rules

The Rules for the Really Great Citywise Draw


1. Everyone entering the draw will be assigned a number. For cash payments collectors will call to collect the €5 fortnightly. A person can also pay in bigger sums in advance. A person may also make a once off payment of €125 for the fifty draws or make a standing order payment of €11 monthly. If you wish to pay online then go to and follow the Draw instructions.

The Citywise Draw Rules


2. The draw will run for fifty weeks of the year (there will be no draw on Monday of Christmas week or Easter week). It will be held at 6 pm each Monday (on Tuesday on Bank Holiday weekends) in Citywise Centre, Jobstown Square, Tallaght.


3. Every week, two prizes of €500 will be paid to the holders of the two first tickets drawn. If the holder of a drawn number has not made their payment then a further ticket will be drawn. There will be €100 prize for the winning collector for the first ticket drawn. A person can join the draw at any time. Any person can buy additional tickets on any week of the draw and they will be immediately assigned further ticket numbers.


4. After paying out prize-money, all the proceeds will go towards the running of Citywise programmes. In that way everyone is a winner. It is expected that up to 30% of income will be paid out in prizes. Regular information will be provided to draw members by email or by the draw collector.

The Citywise Draw Rules


5. The next series of this draw commences in mid-September with the first draw taking place on September 26, 2016. Monies for this draw (and every draw) must be paid by the previous Friday. The aim of the Draw is to support Citywise programmes, especially the new computer and science/technology expansion.The committee reserve the right to reduce the prize money in the event of a decrease in weekly payments.




"Volunteering with Citywise has helped to make me."

- Sean Preston