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Our programs

Outline of programmes and facilities

Young people can get involved in a range of programmes at Citywise Education, starting from eight years of age. Current programme opportunities are listed below. All programmes include character development modules. Each programme is divided into age appropriate groups (eg. 8-10, 10-12 years), with some programmes being

gender specific.

Programmes include: Homework Club, Activity Clubs, Musical skills, Junior Fast Track, Intermediate Fast Track, Fast Track Academy, STEMSquare, Citywise Means Business, Leadership Training, Summer Camps, Faith activities (seasonal). The centre also has a drop-in café, a chapel and a library. Students on programmes can avail of study facilities and mentoring support. 

Summer Activity

Week long summer activities, and international trips

STEM Square

Learning programmes to encourage young people to consider careers in STEM

Fast Track Academy

help young people set their sights on third-level education. 

Citywise Means Business

Encouraging and developing business skills

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