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Afterschool groups from our Leaders' perspective!

"We love being leaders in Citywise."

Aaron and Ellie took time out of their busy schedule to tell us all about their experience of being leaders!

Aaron has been in Citywise since he was 8 years old and now at the age of 15, he says he "loves it just as much!". Ellie says that all leaders pride themselves in being leaders because she feels they are giving back to an organisation that means so much to everyone, "not only the younger kids, but us too!"

They both started off as members of Junior Fast Track and now proudly say that they are the leaders of the programme. Aaron's words of experience on the programme were "as leaders we take the responsibility of delivering the groups and making things even more interesting for the members. We also do leadership training and draw collecting which we know is so important in keeping Citywise open."

Ellie said that she thought it was really cool that we progressed through the programmes and now we’re the ones delivering in the spotlight! "We love what we do for many reasons, such as the members making us laugh with their crazy stories. We also get to do trips and activities of our own! Citywise has helped me make memories I'll remember forever!"

Ellie described her experience as a major confidence builder! "I have been involved in many groups such as Grenoble and Hamburg, Fast Track, Lyon, Art Club.. the list goes on! These groups have helped me gain so much more confidence in my abilities while also having the absolute craic - which is what Citywise is all about!"

Aaron said that his experience in Citywise has taught him many life lessons. "Not only is it really fun but we also learn a lot from the programmes in general - we’re pros at making toast and tea now - thanks to Elaine!!"

"We love being leaders and will continue to do so until we burn the toast and put too much sugar in the tea!"

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