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Charity Trustee Week

As part of Charity Trustee Week, 16th – 20th November 2020, some of our staff members took the opportunity to reach out to the Citywise Board of Directors. We wanted to thank them for all their hard work. Our Board members take a lot of time out from their busy lives to volunteer, helping us to make Citywise Education a better place for everyone!

We thought what better way to celebrate Charity Trustee Week than to get to know some of our board members a little better – and what makes them want to give back to Citywise!

First we spoke to one of our HR Sub Committee members, Louise Donovan. She has been involved in Citywise for eight years. By day, Louise takes up a very different role, working as a Customer Service Supervisor while also studying to achieve her degree. She has been involved in Citywise in many different ways aside from sitting on our board. Not only are her children active members in a variety of programmes, but Louise also volunteers on a regular basis, from supervising our study, to delivering ‘helping the homeless’ campaigns with colleagues from her company to our Junior Fast Track members.

When Louise’s busy life calms slightly, she enjoys going for walks with her family around the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.

She says that she likes being on the board for a number of reasons. “Any support I can give Citywise is something I always like to be a part of. It’s a fantastic place!”. Louise felt strongly about the benefit of Citywise and the work that is collectively done to help support the development of children in our area!

Codie Preston is another member of our board, taking up an active role in developing good governance practices and forward planning. He has been involved in Citywise for over 20 years.