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  • Lauren

Culture Week

This week we celebrated Culture week, an opportunity to explore all the different cultures that are part of our centre and what makes them unique. Our after-school groups celebrated Culture Week with a variety of fun and educational activities.

Junior Fast Track Girls took part in ‘Around the World in Eight Places” without ever leaving the building!! Our ESC volunteer, Hélöise, challenged the girls with a series of riddles, which gave them the opportunity to learn lots of new and interesting facts about some of the most well-known countries. They then took part in a game of musical chairs, but not your average version! The girls had to listen carefully to the music to identify the country of origin. The playlist ranged from traditional Turkish music to classical French jams, and lots in between. The girls had great fun dancing and exploring the different musical cultures.

Next, Junior Fast Track Boys focused on their favourite celebrations of the year. They explored different celebrations from around the world and used a Dragon’s Den approach to explain why their favourite celebration was the best. The group decided they cannot wait to go to Brazil next summer to celebrate ‘Festa Junina’, the midsummer solstice.

Meanwhile, 4th class Junior Fast Track were busy making their own unique flags, celebrating all the different nationalities of Citywise.