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Faces of Citywise - A Great Young Leader!

This week we spoke to Kyle, one of our brilliant Junior Leaders, and listened to what he had to say about his experience in Citywise so far.

“My name is Kyle and I have been a leader here in Citywise for the past two years. I am in fourth year in Old Bawn Community College. I spend a lot of my free time in Citywise doing a variety of things, from leadership to helping out with some of the afterschool programmes. This year I took up the responsibility of helping to deliver a group called Athens and Brussels, which is a young boys group for 3rd to 6th class primary school students. In this group we play sports and other fun activities. When I’m not in Citywise or school, I am working in my two parttime jobs.” Kyle is a very busy man!

“My experience in Citywise has been brilliant so far. Unfortunately, I only discovered Citywise when I was in 3rd year of secondary school but I have had nothing but great fun ever since. I have also had great learning experiences from doing after school study and extra classes in Fast Track Academy, in preparation for my Junior Certificate. I first came to Citywise to do extra school classes and to find a place to study because I found my house was very noisy when I tried to focus.” The great thing about Citywise is, it is the perfect place to get any of your schoolwork completed, or even, to make a great start in preparation for your exam.

“I have also taken part in a some events that have taken place in Citywise. A Christmas dinner for families in emergency accommodation, a full day leader training activities and many hikes, just to name a few things!”

“Citywise is not just a place of education, but it is a really important social place to me. Citywise is different from other places because you're never just a number! You are treated as an individual, someone that, when you walk in the doors, you're always guaranteed to be known, and also for you to know a friendly face. The people are what makes me want to continue to come to Citywise because they're all just so nice. It must be said that there has never been a day where I have been upset leaving the gates of Citywise.”

“For me there are so many different aspects to Citywise, so many that it is very hard to pick my single most favourite thing. Some of my favourite things include the people, the extra-curricular subjects on offer and, more importantly, the café, which serves the nicest Pot Noodles you will ever find! Although, if I had to choose one thing it would have to be the Leadership programme that they offer. The leadership programme is my favourite thing about Citywise because I have made many new friends and learned so much on what it takes to be a leader. This is something I practise every day, either in school, Citywise or at home!”

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