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  • Lauren

Faces of Citywise - Our CEO!

Hopefully you learned a lot about some of our ESC volunteers in our last segment of 'Faces of Citywise.' Be sure to keep an eye out around for them, as they tend to pop up everywhere. From supervising the study to delivering activities in the STEM room, they are eager to help in any way they can. They really are a brilliant addition to the Citywise team.

The next person to feature in 'Faces of Citywise' is a well-known face around the place, our CEO Jonathon! Jonathon has been in Citywise longer than some of our staff members have been alive, although you wouldn't think it from his youthful appearance! He is known to always be around when ANYONE need's a helping hand (whether he knows you or not!!). It could be said he's like Wikipedia when it comes to anything Citywise related. Tip, he's a pro at general knowledge quiz rounds too! We decided to ask him a few things about his experience in Citywise.

"I came to Citywise to do summer camps in 1995 and haven't been able to get out since." This seems to be a common occurrence with Citywise staff, they never want to leave. "I didn't know what I was getting myself in to! My mother MADE me come - poor woman needed a break."