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Faces of Citywise - Our Fast Track Academy Officer!

Tara coordinates one of our biggest programmes, Fast Track Academy. Fast Track Academy offers additional academic supports such as quiet spaces to study, extra classes and mentoring. You can usually find Tara in the atrium, eagerly waiting to welcome the students and have a chat with them or running through the corridors trying to organise classes.

"I am a Monaghan/Meath girl, living in the big smoke for the first time!’ For the record, ‘the big smoke’ is what Monaghan girls call Dublin! "I love gaelic football and am looking forward to the day Meath beat Dublin in the Leinster final." Tara really wanted this mentioned as it something she feels passionately about! We won't hold it against her.

"Before moving to Dublin, I completed my degree in IT Sligo, where I studied Public Health and Health promotion. I enjoyed my time so much in college that I decided to stay for another two years, this time aiding the students of IT Sligo, as I took up the role of Education and Welfare Officer in the Students’ Union."

"I came to Citywise because I wanted to work with a group of people that empowers and encourages young people to reach their goals and potential. Citywise sticks out as it provides young people with that sense of community and family support, embodied not only in the staff that work here but also in the young people who pass through Citywise’s doors. The young people all encourage and support each other, and this is truly remarkable to see!"

"Everyone that enters Citywise becomes a part of the Citywise family from the staff to the volunteers, and I am truly delighted to be a member of this family. Being away from home and, more importantly, from my family during this lockdown has been made much easier thanks to everyone in Citywise."

"I’ve a lot of experience in witnessing first-hand the struggles faced by young people but what encourages me to get involved and help them out is seeing the potential they have. I love how Citywise is all about providing students with that additional helping hand to help them on their