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Fast Track Academy - Making a Difference!

Our latest blog series sees our FTA alumni spill all on the ins and outs of college, graduation included! We got in touch with some former FTA members and wanted to hear their story; from their struggles to victories, as they journeyed through college. Although they all set off on different paths, they all stemmed from the one programme!

To start us off, Jenessa tells us how she ‘engineered’ her college journey.

“I studied Mechanical Engineering in TUD: Tallaght. I’ve always wanted to help animals and people from a very young age. Initially, I wanted to be a vet but then realised I couldn’t see an animal in pain so I started to think about alternative paths. During my school years, I did Business Studies and Engineering / Metalwork and I enjoyed both, but I didn’t know which one I wanted to do. When I looked at the TUD Prospectus, I saw there was a nice mix of business and engineering modules and that really intrigued me. I started to look at job opportunities as well and depending on which avenue you wanted to go down, you could become an engineering consultant. Now, that’s what I do, and I help design buildings and equipment for high profile Pharmacy Company’s and Animal care facilities. This way, I still get to help people and animals, although in a roundabout way.” Jenessa had two big passions and found the perfect career which caters to both!

“College was a crazy experience. I enjoyed my course overall, although some modules I struggled in. I got to learn so many interesting things that I knew I would use in any capacity. I can’t believe that even when I’m walking around in my everyday life, I notice the amazing engineering that went into even the everyday ordinaries. I got to investigate various disasters and understand what could have been done differently to avoid such a disaster and find the main issues that caused it.”