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Living through a pandemic - Citywise Style!

In the midst of their crazy lives, Mr & Miss Citywise 2020 took time out of they busy schedule to tell us all about what lockdown was like as a leader!

Mr.Citywise 2020 - Cian Brennan:

'My name is Cian Brennan. I am 18 years old. I have been involved in Citywise since I was eight years old in a variety of different programmes. The latest of these being Fast Track Academy which helped me to achieve a place on the Aviation Technology in TUD. Over the last ten years I have made many great memories that I will never forget.

I will especially remember this year as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and put Ireland into lockdown. This meant that you could not leave your house and were stuck with the same routine every day. The Citywise team adapted to this new way of life and did not stop doing what they do best, serving the community of West Tallaght.

Leadership training continued to take place every Monday at 7:00pm, only over Zoom instead of in the centre. I guess it was a break away from the day you were having, and a chance to see other faces. It was definitely something to look forward to!

Leadership training consisted of not only cracking jokes and playing games but also focusing on the qualities of a good leader. These leadership skill will not only serve us in the work we do in Citywise but also in later life.

This is definitely one summer we will not forget about for years to come.'