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Meet this year's European volunteers, part four!

We are back with the final instalment in our European Solidarity Corps series. This week we want to introduce you to our fourth volunteer, Flora!

“Hi! My name is Flora, and I am one of the European volunteers in Citywise. I arrived in Ireland from France a little after Christmas. I am 24 years old, and I got involved in the European Solidarity Corps (or ESC for short) after completing my master's degree in International Cooperation and Exchanges. I had already volunteered in France for one year with the local radio stations, and I wanted to try a similar experience but in a different country this time. So, I decided to try Ireland and see if I could volunteer there. This is one of my biggest adventures yet, as I have always lived in my county of Brittany, and, I had never been on a plane before I came to Ireland. It is all very new to me! I also had to leave my friends and family, who I really miss!