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National Volunteer Week 2021

As National Volunteer Week 2021 is in full swing, we would like to take a moment to thank all those wonderful people who help make Citywise what it is, and no one does that better than our amazing team of volunteers.

Citywise has such broad and varied array of volunteers that we can manage any task at hand once we know they are around. Our volunteers on a weekly basis, take part in a variety of different activities, from delivering FTA classes to planning afterschool programmes, while also keeping the building in check. Is there anything they cannot do? These folks give up their free time, rain, hail or sunshine, in order to help keep our doors open.

It is very clear that this year was different to all others but what remained constant was our volunteers dedication and commitment. Our team of volunteers were still always on the ball and ready to lend a hand whenever it was needed. They managed to deliver a huge variant of programmes online to groups of members, from maybe one student some weeks, to ten another, this never put a spanner in the works for this crew. The common factor throughout all programmes was always that they managed to keep the young people engaged and focused (but more importantly having fun) during the sessions, while from the comfort of their own homes.

They made sure that our online groups ran as smooth as possible, they helped with planning (coming up with new and innovative ideas such as VR museum tours, great art projects to do at home and general well-being activities), they helped deliver programmes and they did all of this with such a positive attitude, that it felt like things hadn’t even changed.

This group of people are really the spirit that embodies Citywise and makes it what it is. They see the benefit of what these programmes do, and their continued support is what helps ensure us that we can keep doing the great job we do here at Citywise, because without them inspiring the young minds, Citywise would not be what it is today. Whether it’s seeing them helping with an afterschool group, or even just having a chat in the cafe, they always bring a positive energy into the building and it really lifts everyone’s spirits here to see the commitment and dedication they have to Citywise.

On those days when you just needed a little breather and you go for a cup of tea yourself, there was no better sight to see than Larry, or one of the ESC Volunteers behind the counter, ready to serve you up a warming cuppa and engage in some chit chat to take your mind off things. The ESC Volunteers were like chameleons this year. They took on any and all tasks and not only done these, but done these in ways we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves and so helped to make Citywise bigger and better than it already is.

So from all of us here at Citywise, words cannot paint the picture fully of how much every staff member appreciates what you do for us. You really are the backbone that keeps us standing through all the good and, let’s say, not so good times. Keep up the good work and bring that attitude with you anywhere you go in life! Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of the young members of Tallaght!

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