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National Volunteer Week 2022

Last week was National Volunteering Week. Over the course of the week, we sent one of our staff members around to speak with our young people and staff, to get a sense of their understanding of volunteering in Citywise.

So, we here at Citywise Education, have a long history of volunteers helping to contribute to the running and maintaining of our organisation. They are essentially the backbone of Citywise and without them we would not be able to do half the work that we undertake to try and give the children in the community a fun and engaging place to come to learn and make friends.

The great thing about Citywise is that it is a constant cycle of children coming in to groups, growing up through our organisation and then we get those few who reach a certain age and want to help give back and keep the cycle going for the youth the way it was done for them. Anyone can be a volunteer in Citywise and we are always open to having as many as we can possibly get to help out (the more the merrier comes to mind here, and that really is the case when you see the buzz and atmosphere in the place when we have a full camp and a full batch of volunteers helping out).