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Our 2022/2023 European Volunteers

Like previous years, we are lucky to have some European volunteers helping us with our programmes here in Citywise. They are already familiar faces around the centre since starting with us last month. Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to them. First up is Robert, from Spain.

“Hi everyone! My name is Robert, one of the European Solidarity Corps volunteers at Citywise. Since I started my Primary School Education degree, I have always wanted to have an experience out of home and learn from a different culture. I was thinking, “What country I could do both an educational task and improve my English skills?”. I knew about Citywise through some Spanish friends I have, and their project drew my attention quickly.

What I expect from Citywise is to learn how I can help the children from different cultures to acquire habits of homework, how to create future leaders who can carry out the after-school clubs of Citywise, and how I can be a better leader.

On the other hand, I expect to improve working as a team and not be afraid of contributing to the project through my educational experience of 10 years. I would also like to learn about the Irish culture through the music, sport, history, and make as many friends as I can.

Finally, my ideal target is contributing all I can to the people who come to Citywise every day and helping them with academic issues. Especially with an educational approach: giving them values through my example to be the best persons they can be.”

You will see Robert supervising the study rooms, helping in Homework Club, as well as lots of other groups. Don’t be afraid to go say hello and find out more about him.

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