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Reeling in the Years: Summer Camp Edition!

On this week’s blog segment, we hear from a past member of our camps and current leader, Adam. Adam is currently studying for his Leaving Certificate, which he hopes to sit next month, but this week, he took some time out of his busy schedule to share his memories of Citywise Summer Camps.

“I began my Citywise experience in the summer of 2013, taking part in my first of many Summer Camps. They haven't been able to get rid of me ever since! If I’m being truly honest, it got to the stage where I could have been part of the furniture as I did all 5 weeks of the camps that Citywise offered one year; a true testament to how much I loved them. But to be honest, looking back now on all my summers through primary school, my memories of these fantastic camps are what stand out to me the most.”

“As soon as June hit and we finished school for the summer, the questions that immediately ensued from all of my friends would be as follows:

- “So, what weeks of the summer camps are you doing this year?” or,

- “Did you sign up yet? There's only 3 spaces left!”

“These were the classic conversations we would have because we were all so excited. The mornings of the summer camps were always like clockwork: up at 8am, lunch ready by 8.30am and you were silly if you weren’t rearing to go for 8.45am, embarking then on your adventure down to Citywise with the lads. It was a routine we were proud of. The first day of camp was always like D Day. When you walked up for registration, you were always praying that you got put in the same group as your mates. On the chance that this event occurred, the feeling was identical to Shamrock Rovers beating Bohemians; oh, what a feeling! I soon realised that whatever group I was in was irrelevant, whether with old mates or not, I was guaranteed to have fun. I always made new friends in Citywise every summer, all of which are still friends of mine today, while some are still here studying for the Leaving Cert, alongside me today.”