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Reeling in the Years: Summer Camp Edition

Our final instalment of ‘Reeling in the Years: Summer Camp edition’ epitomises the work that is done here in Citywise and more importantly, why it’s done! Cian, a current volunteer and past member and leader, fills us in on a beach day like no other in this week’s segment!

“Hi, my name is Cian Brennan. I have been involved in Citywise for the past 11 years. The summer time is where I always remember my journey through Citywise beginning. I have been involved in a variety of different programmes. The latest of these being Fast Track Academy which helped me to achieve a place in TUD studying Aviation Technology, a dream I could have never imagined a little over 11 years ago. Citywise helped me to not only discover these dreams but aided in the process of making these dreams a reality!"

"In theory, 11 years seems like a very long time as I am only 19 years of age, but those 11 years have flown in, filled with so many memories and adventures. At a quick glance, one might assume that the afterschool programmes, leadership trainings and Summer Camps were just as the title suggests. In fact, this is in no way the truth. Instead, these have shaped who I am and what I stand for as a young adult."

"Since joining Citywise I have had a lot of great memories. I always remember the Summer Camps and how much fun was always had. One year, we went on a trip to Greystones. We packed our swimming bags, our lunch, some sun cream, loaded up the bus and off we went! We were set to go on a small walk and go for a swim. Little did we know this ‘small walk’ involved a 7km walk in the scorching heat, an uncommon weather forecast for a beach day in Citywise (not like the usual rain and dull clouds Ireland forecasts for us!)."

"For the whole duration of the walk, you could see that everybody was enjoying themselves. We were laughing and so were the leaders and the general vibe for the whole day could only be described with one word, buzzing! This is a brilliant memory of mine, not only because of the lovely ice cream we had at the end of the trip, but because it was simply such good fun! Since joining Citywise, so many opportunities have been opened up for me. It’s crazy to think that this all stemmed from a Summer Camp application!”

For a summer that your child will never forget, sign up now for Summer at Citywise 2021 on our website or drop into the centre to fill out an application form.

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