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Summer is here, once again!

Well well well, it’s that time of the year already would you believe it?

The end of yet another year at Citywise, and I think we can all agree on what a year it has been. There’s been plenty of ups and plenty of downs (we’ll try avoid these ones a bit as

I think we’ve all heard enough of that to last a lifetime) but the main thing is that we have all come out the other end of this wormhole, a lot stronger and a lot more united than we were before.

At Citywise, we’ve done our best this year to keep things as on the straight and narrow as we possibly could, and we could not have done this without the help of every person that has been there with us throughout this crazy year.

Whether it was the Fast Track students, coming into study, or simply to chat about in the cafe (which I think happened more than the study, but sure we’ll say nothing about it), to the afterschool activities, all the way to STEM Masters, the venue may have changed, but the one thing that remained constant throughout this, was the absolute positive energy that everyone seemed to just radiate during these times.

Even though a lot happened nation and worldwide, a lot still happened at Citywise too, we made sure of that! For example, our Intermediate Fast Track Boys received their award for first place in the Regional Final of the Student Enterprise Programme. Our own CEO, Jonathon Doyle, was featured in The Echo newspaper, as he spoke about his experience on what it is like for people to grow up in Jobstown and the impact that Citywise can have on the community.

There’s a HEAP (and when I say heap, I mean heap) load more stuff that happened throughout the year as well, but, it’s so much that it physically could not be listed here, and we don’t want to leave too many out so we’ll stick with the two above. If you’re looking to check in on these things, I think you’re in the right place so have a little scroll through the feeds and read about all the achievements from everyone. (Ah, sure go on!)

We’ve still got plenty more left in us though, as the Summer is when we begin to spread our wings even more (like majestic butterflies), and we are kicking off once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Summer Camps, STEM Camps and Leader Camps! So, jot that down in your diary’s folks and make sure to grab a spot while you can!

I think the main message we want to send with this little blurb of a blog, is that Citywise is going to be a constant no matter what the world throws our way, and we would love to have you in on the ride in whatever way possible to be part of our community and keep this thriving for as long as we can!

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