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Summer Review 2022

So, I bet all of you guys and gals have been wondering what exactly went on this Summer in Citywise? Well, wonder no more!

We kicked off the Summer in the best way we could think of with our two Venture Camps. Both camps did a number of great activities and games (whopper little game of water balloon volleyball in there), and went on plenty of trips off site including the likes of Masseys Woods, Corkagh Park, and Portmarnock Beach! It’s safe to say it was a very jam-packed week and everyone left in high spirits ready for the rest of Summer to begin. We also got to say hello to our first Ukrainian Camp member, Nicki, who fit into the boys' camp like he had always been with us.

We then got ourselves ready for the madness that is the Boys and Girls Summer Camps. Four weeks of busydays with over 200 students passing in and out of the building. It goes without saying that a lot happened over that time, but I’ll try my best to break it down for you all.

We done some excellent new activities with the camps such as deciphering coding messages, solving murder mysteries around the building [nobody was harmed and we assure you all of our staff are vetted!], and creating all assortments of arts and crafts, like friendship bracelets and masquerade masks. Our team worked tirelessly over these weeks to ensure that every child left each week either eager to get started on another camp, or on a great high from the week and ready to enjoy the rest of their summer.