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Thank You

Shane Blaney, a past member and current supporter, takes the time to thank the volunteers that have impacted his life over the years.

My involvement in Citywise spans from engaging in the services from the age of eight, progressing to become a Leader, to engaging now as an adult supporting the organisation through apprentice and engineering development opportunities.

The community of Jobstown had many youth clubs providing great mentorship and guidance, notably within the boxing and soccer communities, however the addition of Citywise in the mid-nineties provided something different within our area. Their goal, to provide the community with activities not seen before in the area, and continue to progress kids in their educational journey is something that I never truly appreciated growing up. Their core value to better people is something I appreciate greatly, as it is this that has lasted long in my memories.

But without their volunteers Citywise would not be what it is today. Their passion for bettering people, selfless attitude and relentlessness to help people reach their goals is the foundation of what they do. I am fortunate to have met many volunteers that have made an impact on my life growing up, some of which I never appreciated until I moved into third level education and my professional career. Unknowingly, I developed a skill set that I now use in day-to-day life and professionally; public speaking, an appreciation for education and progression, and most importantly the confidence to tackle any obstacle that comes my way. They encourage resilience and it is this that has served me best in my life. I would like to thank all the volunteers over the years, for their patience and selflessness. I'd also especially like to thank John and Mark. Both of which have made a mark in my core values.

Thank you,

Shane Blaney

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