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Who Pays the Bills?

I talk about Citywise a lot. To friends, people in college, teachers, even my barber. They're always shocked to hear that we don't receive regular state funding to run our programmes. It often leads to the question of 'Who pays the bills?'.

Citywise is a big operation. We have over 400 young people pass through our doors every week during term time and over 1000 happy summer campers each June and July. We have young people taking part in guitar lessons, art club, computer coding, 3D printing, robotics, Junior and Leaving Cert classes, supervised study, leadership... the list goes on.

We can only do all of this because we're lucky to be part of an amazing community. Tallaght, as many of us know, is a community that has built itself from within. We all continue to play a part in building it and one of the best examples of this is the Citywise Draw. Many of you answer your doors to our many volunteers that knock, rain, hail or shine. Each week, many of you pay €2.50 because it helps to keep our doors open. Some want to win one of two €500 prizes, some have a loyalty from when they themselves or their children were in Citywise (maybe more than 20 years ago) but all have a genuine interest in the area we live in and thankfully they see Citywise at the heart of it.

These €2.50s add up. Each week your draw fees contributes towards life changing programmes for young people, helping the next generation of Tallaght to reach their full potential. Thank you to all our draw collectors and members for playing your part in this! We wouldn't have done it without you!

To sign up to the Citywise draw you can drop in to reception or sign-up online @

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