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Why I Like Being a Leader

I like being a leader in Citywise for a number of reasons. One reason is that I get to meet a lot of different people every year from the clubs I help out with and also from the European Solidarity Corps programme and I get to learn about their cultures but sometimes I also pick up some of their language, whether it would be Spanish or Turkish. Also, every year we have a ton of new leaders join the leadership programme from 1st year all the way up to 6th year. 

Another reason why I like being a leader at Citywise is because of how much I have grown over the past two years I have been up here. The leadership programme helps each and every single leader grow to their full potential when it comes to running clubs and also just with life in general. When I started the programme two years ago in Transition Year, I was really shy and didn't talk to anyone really, but two years later, I feel like I belong in the programme and people who haven't seen me since Transition Year would not recognise me now as I am the opposite of shy and now even though I'm a Leaving Cert Student, you'll always see me wanting to help out with any clubs I can or just help out in general around the place, which I would never have thought I would be able to do without being involved in the leadership programme.

Póilín Tawyodh

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