Our Programmes

Citywise afterschool education programmes

Involving academic work, sport, and youth club activities. These include Junior Fast Track, Fast Track Academy, STEMSquare, Citywise Means Business – all programmes to encourage third level participation. Learn More

Citywise summer educational programmes

Full-time education and sports programmes held throughout the summer months to provide practical, useful and interesting pastimes for local youth, while maintaining a focus on personal development. Learn More

Our Programmes

Citywise Midschool

A full-time education programme for young people aged 12 to 15 years who are outside the formal school system. This programme was run in Jobstown, Tallaght. Despite the programme’s strong track record of success, it has lacked statutory funding support and so is currently suspended.  Learn More



See video on Citywise Midschool… Young people living in disadvantaged communities who are out of school for any appreciable length of time are highly likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour or criminal behaviour, and to further alienate themselves from normal society. Midschool aims to break the spiral of disaffection in the lives of such young people through the provision of formal support, built around the need for education, for those young people who are not easily integrated into the school system. To this end, it provides full-time educational support to non-schoolgoers throughout the academic year, seeking to raise their  Our Programmes educational and personal standards and, where feasible, reintegrate them into the formal education system. In general, this means providing an as near to possible full-time school experience, together with personal and social supports, bearing in mind the circumstances of those enrolled and the reasons why they are not attending formal school. The achievement of these objectives is strongly influenced by the public and private resources available to Midschool, and thus will vary according to funding successes. Specifically, the Citywise Midschool objectives are:

  • to provide a welcoming and positively supportive peer environment where students feel at home and grow in commitment to their education and personal development
  • to provide an educational service mainly for boys aged 12 to 15 years who are outside the formal education system Our Programmes
  • to provide a basic curriculum including Irish, English, Maths, History, Geography, Personal and Social Development skills, Religious Knowledge, Sports, Outdoor Pursuits;
  • to provide opportunities for non-school goers to sit external examinations, specifically the Junior Certificate
  • to provide personal mentoring support to help increase the possibility of returning to formal school, to reduce involvement of non-schoolgoers in risk behaviours and in anti-social activity and to help raise levels of employability
  • provide advice and support and ongoing help so that the young person can take the next vocational or educational step with confidence.

  Our Programmes

Afterschool programmes

A mixture of homework help, social support with sports and outdoor activities to encourage young people to take schooling seriously

Citywise clubs

Practise, tuition and training in sports or other activities to help develop skills to a high level. Current clubs include Music Club (bodhran, tin-whistle, guitar and accordion); Chess Club; Table tennis club.

Young people can also participate in multi-activity Clubs at age appropriate levels. These include clubs known as Athens, Brussels, Grenoble, Hamburg, Milan & Paris Our Programmes

Young Leaders

A training programme in leadership for members aged 13 years +. As part of this programme many of the older leaders (15+) take part in the Gaisce/President’s Award —a national award at three levels (bronze, silver and gold) for undertaking challenges in a range of areas over one or two years.

Fast Track programmes

These programmes are designed to help young people set their sights on third-level education. Primary school students are recommended by their teachers; students in secondary school may refer themselves. Fast Track includes Junior Fast Track, Intermediate Fast Track, Senior Fast Track. The Senior Fast Track programme has had significant success is giving young people the opportunities to move on to higher education. As a result, in 2017, in conjunction with IT Tallaght, Citywise Education is developing a new expanded Fast Track Academy to support over 150 young people in senior cycle in secondary school.

Our Programmes

Other academic focussed programmes include the STEMSquare (featuring Robotics Club, Pizza Programmers, Coderdojos), On the Right Track (a programme to help in transition to second-level run in conjunction with IYF) and the Library Hub (in conjunction with South Dublin County Council Library). In 2013 the Robotics Club team won the national LegoFirst League, and competed against 52 teams in the European Championships where they won one of the six top awards for professionalism (see Video on Irish Final). The Club now has had national success each year for the past five years.


The technology revolution has changed the nature of the workplace. Ireland’s higher education cannot produce sufficient graduates to fill jobs such as those in digital marketing, big data, business intelligence and software development. This shortage is also apparent European wide with over half of European citizens having insufficient skills for the job requirements of the digital economy.

Citywise Education has taken a lead in the underserved communities of west Tallaght in preparing young people for careers in STEM. With less than 10% of local young people making it to third-level education compared with over 70% in more affluent areas, this challenge has many facets. Citywise Education has responded with a range of innovative STEM focussed programmes are firing the enthusiasm of local young people.

Our Programmes

Over the past few years Citywise has gradually developed programmes to encourage young people to consider future STEM careers. These include programmes such as Robotics, additional Maths classes, Stemettes (to encourage young women to consider STEM careers), Coderdojo, Pizza programming and digital media.  Citywise teams have won trophies in national and international Robotic competitions. See our video explaining our STEM programmes.

Citywise Education is now building on that success with StemSquare project in 2016/17. This project is being developed in two parts

  • Expansion and deepening of current programmes to develop skills and encourage young people, including young women, to think about careers in Science Technology Engineering and Maths. During 2016/17 STEMSquare will deliver over 10,000 hours of support to local young people
  • Develop the infrastructure of the Citywise Centre to better facilitate the running of STEM-related programmes (includes the provision of STEM room, lecture room and an additional classroom).

Citywise Means Business

In 2017 Citywise Education will be involving up to 200 young people in Citywise Means Business to help them understand the basics of business and enterprise, develop entrepreneurial skills, and to assist some in considering college business courses in the future.

Summer programmes

For Summer 2015 booking form:  http://www.citywise.ie/summercamps/

Every summer a range of week-long programmes, including occasional overnight trips, are held to cater for a wide membership and their friends. These programmes include academic, sporting and outdoor elements, and depend heavily on volunteers to deliver them.

In recent years some of these programmes have had a more professional flavour seeking to interest young people in future careers. The most successful of these has been Biz Academy run in conjunction with Salesforce.org. Citywise junior leaders have participated in summer international events in Manchester and London, as well as attending World Youth day events in Rome, Cologne, Sydney,Madrid and Cracow.


"Volunteering with Citywise has helped to make me."

- Sean Preston