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The success of Citywise Education is due to its remarkable volunteers, local leaders, third-level students and graduates. Citywise asks them to give their time and talents: in teaching, coaching and supervising activities.

Volunteers also act as tutors, friends and role models for the Citywise students they serve: personal attention ensuring personal development. Individuals who may not be able to give of their time may contribute financially to the running of our programmes or to our scholarship scheme.

  • What you require to be a volunteer  

  • The activities we provide

  • What you can do for us

  • What is in it for you?

  • The next step


What you require to be a volunteer  

  • Be young or just young at heart, flexible, enthusiastic, have a skill to offer

  • Be ready to make a clear regular commitment from an hour per month upwards

  • Be ready to attend some basic training

  • Complete an application form, meet our volunteer coordination team and complete the safeguarding conditions (vetting, in-house training)

The activities we provide

  • Help with homework, literacy programmes

  • Sports, outdoor activities (hiking, orienteering, football, cycling)

  • Additional support classes (up to Leaving Cert level), study opportunities, mentoring to school-students

  • Craft & art activities, music, chess, robotics, coding, computer science, media activities

  • A positive supportive environment which encourages learning

What you can do for us

  • Volunteer your time to become involved in one of the above activities 

  • Help in the support activities of these programmes. E.g. driving, lending a helping hand on outings or hikes, develop magazine, mentor, teach, contribute some talent

  • Help students on a one-to-one basis

  • Help with a fundraising activity: coffee morning, sponsored walk, Christmas carols fundraising, collect for fundraising draw

  • Co-ordinate a group of volunteers from your university/firm to run a once-off event

What is in it for you?

  • Participation in a progressive and dynamic educational organisation which seeks the long-term benefit of its beneficiaries through providing a homely and encouraging family environment

  • A sense of accomplishment, and a worthwhile means of contributing to the betterment of society, while also realising that your contribution is much appreciated by beneficiaries 

  • Invaluable experience and useful training, especially if you foresee a career in education or in the caring professions

  • A worthwhile addition to your CV or simply a great use of your time

The next step

  • Complete a Volunteer Expression of Interest Form and email or post it to us.

  • If you are volunteering in a personal capacity one of our volunteer coordination team will meet you to discuss how you can meet our needs. At that stage you will also be required to complete standard child safeguarding procedures. We will provide basic training and introduce you gradually into our programme structure as agreed with you.

  • If you wish a group in your company to become involved in volunteering, please invite the Citywise volunteer co-ordinator to meet your Human Resources Manager.

  • Citywise Education takes all reasonable steps, through its policy guidelines and procedures, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the young people involved in its educational and other activities. It is committed to providing a safe environment that enables young people to develop their full potential as individuals while protecting them from all harm. Volunteers will be required to follow standard vetting and other child protection procedures as part of their commitment to helping in this important work.


Contact us to get started as a volunteer

European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteering

European volunteers have come to Citywise since 2013 to volunteer on a 12 month project helping to improve the lives and experience of Citywise members in many ways. 

The placement is funded by the European Commission in partnership with the European Solidarity Corps. 

Are you interested in becoming a European Volunteer in Citywise for 12 months?

Click here for more info


15 - 25 year old? You can Achieve your Gaisce medal too!

Gaisce - The Presidents Award

Citywise volunteers who qualify for the requirements for Gaisce - The Presidents Award can complete their award with Citywise while they volunteer. Citywise has a number of Presidents Award Leaders (PAL's) to help guide you through your award.


Whether you are already registered with your school, or your looking for more info on how to start, feel free to ask us and sign up today! 

The video contains input from 3 Citywise Gaisce participants, Daire, Cian and Daniel. 

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