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Afterschool Clubs



Young people can get involved in a range of programmes at Citywise Education, starting from eight years of age. For a current listing of programme opportunities click _Get Involved_. This list varies from term to term. All programmes include character development modules. Each programme is divided into age appropriate groups (eg. 8-10, 10-12 years), with some programmes being gender specific.

Aside from the key academic programmes (such as Fast Track Academy) there are activity clubs with more of a fun focus. These include: 

  • Activity Clubs (named after cities such as Athens, Brussels, Grenoble, Hamburg, Milan & Paris) which have a different indoor or outdoor activity happening every week (eg cookery, computers, outing, hiking, swimming, art, crafts) for the group. 

  • Homework Club: afterschool homework club for 8 to 11 years which can be great fun! 

  • Musical skills: lessons given in musical instruments (often guitar) 

  • Junior Fast Track: mix of academic and other activity 

  • STEAM: A variety of programmes such as Code Clubs, Lego Robotics and STEAMettes.

Local schools often link up with Citywise for Fun Sports or Reward Days. 
There are also occasional Faith activities (seasonal) for senior students . 
The centre also has a drop-in café, a chapel and a library. Students on programmes can avail of supervised study facilities and mentoring support and priority in these areas is given to Fast Track Academy students.



Summer Activities

Every summer a range of week-long programmes, including occasional overnight trips, are held to cater for a wide membership and their friends. These programmes include academic, sporting and outdoor elements, and depend heavily on volunteers to deliver them. The Summer Programme Plan and Application forms are usually downloadable from the website from mid-April each year.

In recent years some of these programmes have had a more professional flavour seeking to interest young people in future careers. The most successful of these has been Biz Academy run in conjunction with Citywise Education also teams up with IT Tallaght and UCD in the delivery of IT programmes and culinary skills programmes during the summer months.

Citywise junior leaders have participated in summer international events in Wales, in Manchester and in London, as well as attending World Youth day events in Rome, Cologne, Sydney, Madrid and Krakow. In 2018 junior leaders from Citywise Education participated in a work camp in Kenya.

Our Programmes

Fast Track Academy

Helping young people set their sights on third-level education. 


Considering a career


Citywise Means Business

Encouraging and developing business skills


Clubs, summer activities, and international trips

Interested in a programme?

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