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Our Citywise Draw

To Enter the Really Great Citywise Draw


A Message To All Our Supporters, Present & Past Members and Friends


Citywise has served the local community for twenty-two years.


We help local young people set their sights on college and give them that extra hand they need with their studies through homework clubs, afterschool tutorials, fast-track programmes. We provide club activities and worthwhile pastimes for hundreds of young people annually at our always-welcoming youth centre in West Tallaght.


And we do all that without any state support!


This fundraising draw keeps us going. Your support is really needed if we are to continue to provide the services which young people of West Tallaght really appreciate and need. And in supporting us:


 For the same fee of €2.50 per week you could now win €5,000:

The new prize is a €500 rollover, if it is not won in week one it will be €1,000 in week 2, €1,500 in week 3, and so on. When this prize hits €5,000 it has to be won, if it is not won then we will pay out 5 guaranteed prizes of €1,000!!!!!

That means in the next year of the draw we will be paying out a guaranteed €25,000 to our draw subscribers.


But your money goes much further than that when you support the Citywise draw, the funds you donate go towards:

Running our state of the art youth and education centre which works with up to 1,00 young people each week.

Supporting those in the community who most need support and ensuring we can do this without burdening our members with large costs.

Supporting young leaders in the community who act as positive role models, not just in Citywise but in their schools and communities.


There are a number of ways you can enter and pay. The easiest way is to enter online..


Ways to Pay

The Really Great Citywise Draw

Direct Debit

Pay by Direct Debit through your bank. You can sign up now at this link


PayPal. The safer, easier way to pay online!

Standing Order

You may also complete a Standing Order

(download form below)

Things to note about the Citywise Draw


  • When making any payment we need to know your name, your contact details (email, telephone or home address).

  • You will be entered into the next available draw taking place at the start of each week.

  • You may leave the Draw at any time by letting your payment expire or cancelling your PayPal subscription.

  • Entry in our Weekly Draw costs €5 per fortnight.

  • Every week a minimum prize fund of €500 will be paid out.

  • All members will receive weekly draw updates on our Facebook page.

​Contact us by phone (01-4049736) or email or talk to one of our local collectors and ask to join the Draw if you wish to pay cash fortnightly (or in bigger cash sums).

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