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Citywise Education

Citywise is a not-for-profit organisation which was set up to run education, sporting and personal development programmes. It began in 1991 in Dublin as a response to educational under-achievement of young people living in difficult city backgrounds and was formally established in 1994. Over the years Citywise has run programmes in Limerick, Belfast, Ballymun and in Westmeath. From these beginnings sprang Citywise Education in Tallaght in 2004, following on the construction of a new purpose built premises, The Durkan Centre, with a view to serving the needs of young people in West Tallaght.

Citywise Education - Creating Leaders, Impacting Communities
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"Volunteering with Citywise has helped to make me."
- Sean Preston

Our Mission



Citywise Education, an educational charity based in Jobstown, Tallaght was founded in 2004. It grew out of Citywise, a not-for-profit organisation which began in Dublin’s inner city in 1991 as a response to educational under-achievement of young people living in difficult city conditions. Well over 500 local young people, aged from 8 to 18 years, ranging from highly alienated youth to young people with third level aspirations, attend Citywise Education’s character building, education and sporting programmes.



There are also activities elsewhere.Currently in Ballymun, Dublin Citywise works with the Plough Club. In Belfast, activities also take place and these depend totally on volunteer input. Citywise also links with the inner-city based South Dublin Voluntary Groups Ltd in providing Community Employment opportunities in across the city. Citywise also links with third level colleges in providing its programmes (for example, Trinity Access programme and TU Dublin)


Our Mission

Our Vision

Academic work is the focal point of Citywise Education programmes. Young people learn to work hard, acquire study habits and develop their academic ambition. Recognising the threat that drugs, gangs and crime present to a youngster’s future, Citywise Education gives importance to personal development.


Achievement cannot be separated from character. Citywise Education emphasises the importance of character development, personal qualities and the need for each young person to serve society. Students learn that there is always someone else who is needier than themselves.


Families play a crucial role in a child’s education and Citywise Education looks for a strong commitment from parents. The inspiration underpinning Citywise Education is Catholic and all programmes are open to young people of all religious backgrounds. This inspiration is primarily experienced in the respect shown to all involved with Citywise Education regardless of age or background and in the attention given to the social and moral development of all participants.


Citywise Education works in collaboration with other agencies, especially local schools, in seeking to address the needs of children.

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