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The technology revolution has changed the nature of the workplace. Ireland’s higher education cannot produce sufficient graduates to fill jobs such as those in digital marketing, big data, business intelligence and software development. This shortage is also apparent European wide with over half of European citizens having insufficient skills for the job requirements of the digital economy.

Citywise Education has taken a lead in the underserved communities of west Tallaght in preparing young people for careers in STEM. With less than 10% of local young people making it to third-level education compared with over 70% in more affluent areas, this challenge has many facets. Citywise Education has responded with a range of innovative STEM focussed programmes are firing the enthusiasm of local young people.

Over the past few years Citywise has gradually developed programmes to encourage young people to consider future STEM careers. These include programmes such as Robotics, additional Maths classes, Stemettes (to encourage young women to consider STEM careers), Coderdojo, Pizza programming and digital media. Citywise teams have won trophies in national and international Robotic competitions. See our video explaining our STEM programmes.


The Citywise Education StemSquare project commenced in early 2017. This project is being developed in two parts:

  1. Expansion and deepening of current programmes to develop skills and encourage young people, including young women, to think about careers in Science Technology Engineering and Maths. Each year STEMSquare will deliver over 10,000 hours of support to local young people.

  2. Develop the infrastructure of the Citywise Centre to better facilitate the running of STEM-related programmes (includes the provision of STEM room, lecture room and an additional classroom): this work was completed in 2018. This development has been funded by Salesforce, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Adobe, Electric Aid, South Dublin County Council Community Initiative Fund as well as the local community through the Citywise Draw.


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