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A Synopsis of our Afterschool Groups!

Citywise opens so many opportunities for young people in West Tallaght and the wider community. As our first month of the term comes to an end, we rewind over some of our great afterschool programmes which were such a success in the September of 2020! When we hear some names like 'Junior Fast Track' or 'Lyon' in relation to Citywise, we tend to get a little bit confused. What better way to help people understand these groups better than by explaining some of them?

Homework club runs every Monday to Thursday from 2:45pm for primary school students and 3:45pm for secondary school students. Citywise are aware of how hard homework can be, so our homework team are on hand to give extra support when dealing with those tricky problems. There is also a yummy snack included!

Milan and Lyon take place every Monday at 5:00pm and are ideal for those 1st, 2nd and 3rd years who love making new friends in a fun atmosphere. These programmes allow members to try out a variety of activities, such as Virtual Reality and Hockey Rounders!

Leadership takes place every Monday at 7:00pm for 1st & 2nd years, and Tuesday at 7:00pm for 3rd - 6th years. This programme gives members the opportunity to develop valuable leadership skills that will serve both them and the people they work with. It allows them to be positive role models within their communities and for the younger members of Citywise.

Junior Fast Track takes places every Tuesday at 4:30pm. This group is perfect for all budding little scientists, the engineers of the future, and the students that will change the world. Junior Fast Track allows students to explore a variety of topics through different mediums, while also helping them to prepare for the transition to secondary school.

We also have a Magic Club which appears every Wednesday at 5:00pm. Members can learn to dazzle their family and friends with impressive card tricks. Watch out though, they might just making things disappear!

Intermediate Fast Track runs on Wednesdays at 5:00pm and covers a variety of topics, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. This programme uses various different mediums, such as technology, games, cooking and experiments to help the members gain a better understanding of the topic.

Chess Club is perfect for those experts or new lovers of chess. Compete against our staff and leaders to see if you can outsmart them! Chess runs every Thursday at 3:30pm!

Grenoble & Hamburg and Athens & Brussels meet every Thursday at 4:30pm. This programme helps members to develop a wide range of social and personal skills through a variety of sports, games and activities. Have you ever played Human PacMan? You just might in Citywise.

Art Club begins at 10:30am on Saturdays and is perfect for any budding artist! Making something different each week has never been so fun for our members!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar? Do you already know how to but would like to develop your skills further? Our guitar club is open to enthusiasts of all levels. It takes place every Saturday morning.

There is a world of opportunity available here at Citywise - so what are you waiting for?!

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