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Auctioneera Estate Agency Visits Citywise Fast Track Academy

Wednesday 27th of September was the date Storm Agnes hit Ireland but it didn’t stop over 30 Citywise Fast Track Academy students attending the presentation given by Helen O’Keeffe from Auctioneera Estate Agency.

Helen is a co-founder of Auctioneera who sell property all over Dublin along with Cork, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath. The company was set up over five years ago and was seen as a disrupter in the very traditional estate agency industry. Auctioneera teamed up with the Citywise Fast Track Academy program to present to students about estate agency as a career and also to hear about the background to starting up a company in a challenging environment and all that goes with it.

With a short slide presentation showcasing to students what is involved in setting up an estate agency company in Dublin, Helen also included details on how someone can become an estate agent and the qualifications / requirements involved in Ireland in what is a regulated industry. She also touched on what a typical day in the life of an estate agency looks like. Finally, the presentation covered the types of people that the career of auctioneering is suited to and it finished with a very active question and answer session with the students.

The Fast Track Academy students seemed very engaged in the subject / career of auctioneering being discussed and some very pertinent and relevant questions were asked. The intricacies of the financial transaction were questioned along with how the estate agent gets paid and the questions also covered the difficulties encountered by Auctioneera in dealing with competitors. Another interesting question raised by a student was whether the role was emotionally rewarding or challenging … or both!

Adam and Luke from Citywise showed Helen around the extensive amenities at the Jobstown facility and explained the ambitious plans for the future for the location including a dedicated sports and leisure area with astro-turf along with a separate building in the works that aims to be carbon neutral.

The presentation from Auctioneera Estate Agency was a resounding success and gave the students a high-level insight into what a career as an estate agent would look like. The Citywise team has plans to repeat these types of presentations from various different industries so watch this space!!

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