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Faces of Citywise - Another Brilliant Young Member!

Aoibh has been a member of many of our programmes, from Robotics to Code Club Junior, Code Club Senior to Leadership. She really has done it all! In this week’s segment of Faces of Citywise, she tells us all about her experience over the past few years.

“My name is Aoibh and I am 12 years old. I am a student in St Mac Dara’s Community College. I came to Citywise when I was 9 years old because I had a keen interest in learning how to code.” Like most of our members, Aoibh came to Citywise for one specific hobby but stayed for all the other things that are on offer to her.

“I have got to visit lots of different places since I started in Citywise. Some of my favourite places that we have gotten the opportunity to visit include TUD Tallaght Campus and Microsoft. I got the chance to spend a day in Microsoft when I was in a STEM Summer Camp. It was brilliant!” There are so many brilliant experiences to be had by young people, like Aoibh, here in Citywise. We hope to continue to provide these opportunities to our amazing members in the future.

“I also took part in the First Lego League Robotics Leinster Championships last January, as part of the Citywise Robotics team. We got to represent Citywise and show off all the skills we had learned over the term!” Robotics allows students with an interest in STEM activities to develop skills such as designing and building robots with LEGO, programming and problem-solving, all while working as part of a team.

“Why do I keep coming back every week? Easy! It’s because of all the nice people I have met over the years. They help me to have so much fun each time I’m here, why wouldn’t I want to come back?”

“My favourite thing about Citywise is the feeling I get when I am in one of my groups. It’s a lovely feeling that I’m sure a lot of members get.” We know exactly what you mean Aoibh!

It’s brilliant members like Aoibh who make our jobs here at Citywise even more enjoyable than they already are.

We cannot wait to see you all in person soon, but for now, we will be Zoom-ing over to our laptops in time for all of our programmes.

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