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Faces of Citywise - One of our Brilliant Volunteers!

This week’s segment of Faces of Citywise features a volunteer whose face is very familiar to a lot of students around the centre. Rob has been volunteering in Citywise for the past two years on our Fast Track Academy programme. In this week’s blog he tells us about his experience in Citywise and what makes him want to come back week after week.

“My path to Citywise was prompted by an idea that it might be interesting to use the skills from my day job to somehow benefit others in the local community. I believe passionately in education and have seen the wide range of opportunities that it can provide young people.” This is a common thread amongst a lot of people that come through our doors. They want to help others! Many volunteers, like Rob, come to Citywise because they are interested in giving back and we can support them in doing this. In Rob’s case, he clearly has a keen interest and a lot of knowledge around Maths. It is these skills that allow him to help our students so much!

“While we live in a country which has a fair and objective entry route to third level, it's clear that some students have to navigate a longer, more challenging road than others to sit the Leaving Cert. Organizations like Citywise play a crucial role in helping young people to reach their potential and access the opportunities that their abilities and hard work merit.”

“What particularly impresses me about Citywise is that it continues to evolve to meet the needs of the students. The addition of courses in coding, robotics and 3D printing gives the students the chance to learn valuable skills that are very applicable in an increasingly technology focused society. Looking to the future, the plans to add a Science and Language Centre to the existing facility will open up even more opportunities for the students.”

“Shutting down the laptop early on a Wednesday and heading out to the Durkan Centre to teach maths classes has become, without fail, the highlight of my working week. The combination of bright and enthusiastic students, well organised and supportive staff assisted by dedicated volunteers makes Citywise very special! I find watching the students grow in confidence, improve and reach their goals over the course of each school year very rewarding. I am proud to be part of the Citywise community and I hope to teach many more maths classes in the years to come.”

It is because of volunteers like Rob that we at Citywise are able to do what we do. Without them, Citywise would not exist. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers, especially Rob, who continue to keep our programmes running, whether online or in person!

If you would like to volunteer at Citywise Education, please email the email below :

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Margaret Talbot Murray
Margaret Talbot Murray
Jan 19, 2021

Well done

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