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Faces of Citywise - Our Fantastic COO!

The next person to feature in 'Faces of Citywise' is a well-known face around the place, our COO, Audrey! Be sure to keep reading to find out a bit more about her experience so far, and learn a bit more about how she got to the position she is in today. She has seen every aspect of Citywise, so who better to hear from! If you take anything from this blog, make sure it’s that you know that hard work really does pay off.

“I started volunteering in Citywise almost eight years ago (I always have to double check the time frame because it never seems right!) with Grenoble and Hamburg.” Similar to a lot of people involved in Citywise, they come for one thing, and stay for everything that our organisation has to offer!

“Over time I think I have now been involved in all of the afterschool programmes. My background was in childcare and at the time I wasn’t working but still wanted to do something in that area. Volunteering with Grenoble and Hamburg was a new experience, not only because the girls were slightly older than those I usually worked with, but because I really felt out of my comfort zone. My nephews were going to Citywise at the time and I could see how beneficial it was for them so I thought I’d give it a shot. If only I’d known then what a conversation with John Keogh got you into!” The staff at Citywise are very lucky to have such brilliant management to work with, who want nothing more than for you to reach your potential, to achieve your dreams and to never give up.

“There are so many things I love about Citywise that it was always hard to say no to getting more involved. There’s the food for one! Elaine’s lunches and the odd breakfast are always a winner. Then there’s the staff and volunteers. I’ve been really lucky and made some great friends over the past few years here. The real highlight for me though is the kids themselves. It doesn’t matter w