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  • Lauren

Looking back at term one.

Hey everyone, it’s Wiktoria here, I’m sure you have seen me around the building helping with Homework Club and lots of other groups. Now that we are all back at Citywise after Christmas and starting a new term, let’s look at some of the highlights and wonderful things that we did during term one!

So firstly, during Culture Week, our Grenoble and Hamburg group learned about selected countries and cultural differences between them and Ireland. For example, some groups learned the diverse ways to say ‘hello’ and different gestures accompanied with greetings around the world. Did you know that Tibetan monks stick their tongue out to greet people? Well, now you do!

Another great highlight from term one was the ‘egg drop competition’ which was part of Science Week. This involved the design and creation of a protective encasing for an egg. Many creative ideas emerged, from parachutes or layers upon layers of fabric incased in a box, to attaching balloons to the outside of their egg shelters, everything was thought of but, sadly, some eggs did not survive the drop.

A few of our female leaders from the Leadership progamme had an overnight retreat in the Citywise building itself for some rigorous training, but with a cheeky little movie or two thrown in for good measure. The next day they were visited by RTE where they were interviewed about their opinions on climate change as part of COP21 in Glasgow. Safe to say the world is in good hands!

When the weather was in our favor and we had the chance to do it, all our after-school clubs went on a trip to Masseys Woods. This is always a day full of activities and fun and even if it rains (which it did) that never dampens the craic. One of the activities was to build a shelter out of the materials found in the woods, so it was almost as though it was destined to happen those days.