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Bridge to College. Trinity and Citywise Education working together.

This week at Citywise, we are proud to say that Bridge to College is back in action on site and that we have just finished our first week of phase two in the programme. Now, what is Bridge to College you may ask? Bridge to College was originally the brainchild of one John Lawlor, who you may or may not know as the Chief Scout of Ireland. It started in Oriel House, which is a part of Trinity College, and was a tool used to provide students with a look into some of the activities, skills and confidence needed when progressing to third level education.

The programme ran successfully for some 10 years in the same location, constantly growing in the number of schools involved in it, until eventually they wanted to reach some more schools that were not focused only within the City Center limits. To do this, they needed premises in an ideal location and so Citywise became involved, and it was agreed to trial a week and see what the responses were. Lo and behold, here we stand now!

Bridge has been running in Citywise for the last two and a half years, and even though lockdown struck, it still managed to run throughout online. Since last September we have been strictly in person to give the students the best experience they can take away from here. There have been a few changes made over the years with staff, but as of now, those who stand behind the running of the programme are Warren, Ciaran, Liam, and Cian. Warren and Cian are from the Trinity side of things, and Ciaran and Liam are Citywise staff.