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Happy Volunteer Day!

To coincide with International Volunteer Day, the young people in Citywise wanted to say a massive thank you to the many volunteers that make Citywise such a great place! Thank You!

"Citywise is an amazing place to come and get my school work done. It is such a welcoming environment and such a positive place to come and study everyday. I've only been in Citywise for a few months and can already see a change in my homework and exams. Most of this is all down to the incredible volunteers who give up their time to help us understand what we do in school and bring us to a higher standard of work.

The volunteers are so important to Citywise. Without them so many people would have to go without extra help for exams or have to pay high fees for grinds. They use their spare time to help us and to give us opportunities that we might not have otherwise. I have three extra classes in Citywise and each of my volunteer teachers are extremely helpful and supportive. They listen to us and are more personal than teachers in school. I feel comfortable to ask them any question and to seek any extra help I might need.

Not only are the volunteers incredibly intelligent and help me immensely with academic work, they’re also extremely friendly people and constantly have a smile on their face. I always look forward to attending my Citywise classes because I know I’ll feel welcomed, I’ll be heard and I’ll even have fun. Each one of them is so kind and really makes an effort to bring fun and personality into a lesson. They make learning easier and more enjoyable.

The volunteers constantly push us to be a better version of ourselves and to do everything to the best of our ability. They truly make such a huge effort and are so supportive, helpful and kind. I’m very grateful that they choose to come to Citywise and teach us every week. They are a humongous support for me and everyone who attends citywise and are the reason Citywise is so fantastic." - Penny, Fast Track Academy (You can see Penny in our College Awareness Week Video)

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