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IFT Say Whot??

The Citywise Intermediate Fast Track team, ‘Whot Waffles,’ stole the show as they walked away with the first-place prize in the Junior Category of the Student Enterprise Programme, regional finals, back in March.

This competition was brought to Citywise by the Local Enterprise Office, who gave our group massive support and educated them on a variety of entrepreneurial skills, which will stand to them in any business ventures they will find themselves in in the future.

The team designed a product called ‘Whot Waffles,’ which could only be described as the tea break of the future. The idea was that they would design a treat to be eaten with your tea, but instead of heating the waffle up, it would sit on top of the cup perfectly, with the waffle filling melted by the heat of the cup – I personally believe it is the best invention since sliced bread!! The lads also saw it as a way to combat the washing up as less dishes meant less time spent at the sink!!

The group have future prospects of developing specific recyclable cups in the future, potentially returning to the competition next year with this product developed and we wish them the best of luck.

The regional prize led them to the national finals, which would have been held this month in Croke Park. Instead, the awards were held virtually this week. Unfortunately, the lads didn’t receive an award at the national finals but they are fired up and ready to go for next years competition!!

There is no doubt in our minds that this is new business journey will go far. We are very proud of the team and can’t wait to find out what is yet to come- well done guys!

A special thanks to LEO for all their help this year!

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