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My Fast Track Experience

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Hello my name is Mariam Asiyanbi and I am a Fast Track alumni. I still say, to this day, that without my Citywise Fast Track maths tutor I definitely would have failed.

Fast Track helped me with a lot of my subjects. The grinds and supervised study really helped me better cope and understand my classes in school. When I went into 4th year, I began leadership training and became a leader in Citywise. This did not only help me meet new people and create new friendships but also helped me build immense confidence and opened up many opportunities! I then went into 5th and 6th year and became part of Fast Track Academy, where it all got serious again! Citywise Fast Track did not only help me by providing amazing grinds, it also gave me many workshops that I attended all about study tips, how to keep organised & on top of work and how to de-stress.

I also availed of the supervised study which really made me want to study more because it helped me get more classes. The study felt very rewarding and in a sense, encouraged me further to study. The tutors at Citywise really try their best to help every student in their class and are always there to help. Furthermore the Citywise staff are also amazing for that too because even after everyone had done their Leaving Cert and received their results, their doors were still open for anyone who wished to talk about their results, choices and which future path they would like to choose. Fast Track goes beyond just Leaving Cert and even gave us a crash course on what college would be like, what to do, what not to do, how to save, how to make friends & settle in and where to go for help if we need it.

I would not trade my Fast Track experience for anything, as I am very happy studying and thriving in UCD with a Scholarship!

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