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My Weeks Work Experience

I was extremely excited when I found out that my application to do my work experience at Citywise was accepted, as I found out about Citywise a year before by a friend and started to take extra classes. Then I was introduced to their leadership programme and fast forward a year later, I have loads of friends and enjoy coming in to help with different groups such as art on a Saturday. So, when it came to finding work experience, I just knew I wanted to do it in Citywise! 

Over the week, I took part in many different things such as HWC, where I help kids with homework and got to know how homework is done throughout Covid 19 and how the kids are coping. I also learned a lot about other different groups that go on at Citywise such as Code club Junior and Senior which I never thought I'd be interested in but have grown to like. I have also participated in intermediate Fast-Track which my brother is interested in. My cousin is also really interested in code club.

 I also got involved in junior leader training, khan academy, Junior Fast-Track girls and STEM, which some are areas I had little to no knowledge in. However, after participating in them, I have new basic skills and look forward to putting my skills to the test and learning more in my own time.

Also during my time this week, I constructed two videos, one was a tutorial on how to carve a pumpkin for kids to go on Citywise socials.

I had to record videos of me carving the pumpkin step by step and put them together with music on my phone. It was great fun and after I had finished and it was uploaded to the socials, I felt great, even if it was a silly pumpkin video.

My favourite thing this week was making the second video was for Inventors Club about how to make a dice from scratch and have names indented into it instead of numbers.

We had to screen record the making of the dice then do a voice over and edit it. This was because Inventors Club can’t be in physical classes because of COVID-19, and they have to do it online. Overall, I really enjoyed my weeks work experience in Citywise.

Anna Mcloughlin!

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