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Still Here for Tallaght

I’ve always thought of the day when Citywise would close its doors. For years, I’ve told people that I can’t wait for the day when places like Citywise are no longer needed. While we’ve closed the doors, we are perhaps needed more than ever. It’s a difficult time for everyone (although one with many opportunities!). Our routines have been disrupted and many young people, particularly those doing state exams are feeling anxious and left in difficult situations. It is as important as ever to connect with ourselves and with other people.

That’s why we’re still here! It’s a mantra in Citywise that ‘Flexibility is Key’. We have had lots of practice in adapting what we do and these last few weeks have been no different. If you haven’t been following us on social media, for the last three weeks we have been delivering our programmes online.

Fast Track Academy continues to support young people raise their educational aspirations and reach their potential. With massive buy-in from our amazing volunteers, we have begun to deliver our extra classes online, providing additional learning resources to students across Tallaght, continuity and a friendly face to our young people, especially exam students!

Our programme offerings have already reached over 1,000 families across Tallaght and further afield in the last number of weeks! Although we’re really looking forward to seeing you all in person as soon as possible, we’re also enjoying interacting with you all in new and exciting ways. This is an opportunity for us to try new things, to be flexible and to reach our current members in a new way, while reaching new members in a current way. Please help us spread the word. Make sure you keep up to date with our Facebook and Instagram and tell your friends that we’re still here and still trying to make a difference.

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